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What is Group Empowerment Drumming?    
Why Drum?     
How long does a typical program last?
How do you create a coordinated series of programs for organizations?
It sounds great, but I have no rhythm.
What are your fees?
What facilities/logistics does your program require?
Do you carry general liability insurance?

Q: What is Group Empowerment Drumming?
Group Empowerment Drumming is a comprehensive, whole-person, evidence-based therapeutic approach based upon an emerging discipline called Rhythmacology -- the interdisciplinary study of rhythm. It begins with innate biological rhythms and extends to personal and group expression in the form of empowerment drumming.  Group drumming is a form of recreational music-making to people regardless of musical experience - the term recreational being derived from the word, "recreatio" meaning "restoration to health".


Q: Why Drum?
Drumming is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. Drumming and rhythm can help people feel better, improve their health, be lifted spiritually, and change their lives, through vibrations.

We believe we should always respect the people from whom it originated and who have shared their traditional drumming styles and instruments with the world, namely African and Native American people. We also believe it is important to share something about the traditions of the instruments and the people who developed them. It gives people a sense of being part of something greater than just the immediate, feel good experience!

Q: How long does a typical program last?
We won't take too much time away from your day. A typical program lasts for just one hour. If we are conducting a coordinated series of programs over weeks or months, then each program builds upon the learning from the previous program. 

Q: How do you create a coordinated series of programs for organizations?
As consultants, we first seek to understand each client specific issues, needs and objectives. Then we actively address those needs through a customized program. 

As an example, in a recent landmark research study, a 6-week series of HealthRhythms® sessions was conducted with the staff and employees at a long term care facility. The program significantly improved employee emotional well-being and cut the turnover rate by nearly 20%. Specifically, the intervention is proposed to reduce employee turnover by 11 employees per 100 beds. In the study, the intervention exceeded those expectations. With an industry average cost of $8,100 per employee turnover, the direct cost savings for a facility with 100 beds would be $89,100.
Additional HealthRhythms® research with nursing students produced nearly identical results. The research projects that a 6-week HealthRhythms® program can dramatically improve nurse retention rates producing annual savings of $322,000 for the average 280-nurse acute care hospital. 
Q: It sounds great, but I have no rhythm.
You do have rhythm! You just haven't discovered it yet. Many people claim to have no rhythm, and then discover their innate rhythm through group empowerment drumming. One of our favorite sayings is "if you have a heartbeat, you can drum!" One of our core principles is inclusiveness. People of all backgrounds, abilities, ages and skill levels can participate.
Ultimately, we aim to empower each person to feel free to express themselves and to have fun. As they then contribute their music and spirit to the circle, the group begins to unite rhythmically and create their song. 

Q: What are your fees?
Our fees are determined by several factors such as the size of your group, location, and extent of services. *All drums and percussions provided.

Q: What facilities/logistics does your program require?

  • A room that's large enough to accommodate your group seated in chairs in a circle.
  • A room where people can be loud. Please check to be certain there isn't a quiet meeting going on next door.
  • A sufficient number of chairs for your group, preferably without arms.
  • A team of volunteers to help set-up prior to each session.
  • A team of volunteers to help tear-down after each session. 

Q: Do you carry general liability insurance?

Contact us at 480-797-6004 for more information about HealthRhythms® drumming in Phoenix, Arizona.