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Team Building
Think outside the box...have a circle!

People are Everything

People are the heartbeat of every organization. Group drumming is a great metaphor for cooperation, collaboration and communication. Every employee has an equally important contribution to make to the success of your organization. Drumming together levels the playing field and allows emloyees to interact in a whole new way that creates bonding through this fun, exciting, energizing newly-shared experience of music-making together.



  • Boosts morale
  • Enhances communication
  • Increases productivity
  • Higher performance
  • Reduces stress and burnout
  • Greater team creativity, purpose and energy
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Saves money
  • Cost-effective
  • Fun!!!

How you can use our services:

  • Teambuilding
  • Retreats
  • Employee health and well-being initiatives
  • Stress Management

Group Drumming is not about teaching people to play - it's about giving people permission to play.


Drumming In The Workplace, Phoenix, AZ

Drumming In The Workplace, Phoenix, AZ

Drum Circle, Team building in Phoenix, AZ


Benefits: Summary of the Research:

Reduces Burnout - Total Mood Disturbance in employees after 6 sessions was improved by 46%. 6 weeks after the intervention TMD was improved 62%, suggesting that the benefits continue long afterward.

Reduces Employee Turnover - Mood improvements experienced by study participants resulted in a projected 18.3% reduction in employee turnover.

Saves Money - The study of HealthRhythms® conducted at a long-term care facility resulted in projected cost savings of $ 89,100 per year at a typical 100-bed long-term care facility.

Reduces Stress - HealthRhythms® protocol actually reverses biological responses at the DNA level that can lead to the development of a host of common diseases.

Cost Effective - Health benefits and reduction in burnout suggest increased work-force stability, lower employee turnover costs, and significant return on investment for HealthRhythms® Group Empowerment Drumming.

Drum Circles and Fortune 500 Companies 

"The use of rhythm-based events in a variety of government, healthcare, community and corporate settings, meetings, and retreats is expanding. Weekly employee drum circles are now being held by leading Fortune 500 companies who are firmly committed to team building and employee satisfaction. The utilization of rhythm-based protocols in these settings has resulted in a substantial reduction of personal barriers that impede optimal communications, creativity and team-building..."

-Advances in Mind, Body, Medicine


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